Anna Dyer, Physiotherapist

A summary of Anna's qualifications and experience:

Anna completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in Auckland, New Zealand in 2009.  Initially Anna worked in the hospital system relocating with her family to Perth in 2010. Over the last 11 years since living in Western Australia she has worked in the community in various not-for-profit organisations in both paediatrics and adults, private hospital, and private practice where she completed her Clinical Pilates training.  

She has developed strong skills in providing therapy services for children with a range of developmental concerns in both individualised and group settings. 

Prior to Physiotherapy Anna worked in a large public hospital in Auckland, New Zealand as a Cardiac Technologist specialising in cardiac and respiratory care.


Anna's special interests and passions:

Anna has a range of skills and experience and can provide a full range of paediatric Physiotherapy services.  Her specialist skills lie in helping children with a variety of musculoskeletal and movement disorders such as gait re-education, gross motor skill developmental concerns associated with neurological population (i.e Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay or Coordination Developmental Disorder), skill acquisition such as working on bike riding or improving strength, balance and postural concerns in low tone children (Hypermobility).   

She is a passionate sports person; lifetime cyclist, yoga enthusiast and rock climber, and has worked with various sports injuries in children through to children who are uncoordinated and labelled ‘clumsy’.  Anna is a strong supporter of community participation and sports inclusion.


Reason for loving what you do: 

When we asked Anna why she loves her work she said, "I love seeing children grow, develop new skills and build confidence in their own bodies. After working hard on skill acquisition and seeing the smile on a child’s face when they ride their bike for the first time – priceless".