Claire Willis, Speech Pathologist

A summary of Claire's qualifications and experience:

Claire completed her Masters of Speech Pathology at Curtin University in Perth. She also has a Psychology degree from The University of Western Australia. Her educational experiences allow her to provide both empathetic and evidence-based Speech Pathology services to her clients. Claire has worked with children of all ages with a variety of abilities, with experience working with children with language delay and developmental language disorder, as well as children with speech sound difficulties. She also has experience in the disability sector, managing clients with a variety of disorders, including children with limited verbal abilities.

Claire's special interests and passions:

Claire has developed skills to support children and adolescents with a variety of speech and language abilities. She is committed to providing client centred care to her clients. Claire has a special interest in working with children with speech sound difficulties and developmental language disorder and loves to incorporate play in therapy sessions to make therapy fun!

Reason for loving what you do:  

Having worked with children for many years, Claire has a passion for helping children reaching their potential, helping them thrive in every aspect of life. Seeing the smiles on her clients faces when they achieve their goals and communicate with confidence is the reason why Claire loves what she does and begins every day at work with a smile.