Jane Gibson, Occupational Therapist

A summary of Jane's qualifications and experience:

Jane completed her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at Curtin University in 2006. She then went on to complete Bachlor of Business Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health! Since completing her undergraduate degree Jane has worked extensively in the fields of developmental paediatrics and mental health in both community and hospital settings. She has worked in Singapore and UK as well as Australia. Now Jane works at Curtin University as a lecturer in counselling and mental health, as well as working with us at Skillbuilders.

Jane's special interests and passions:

Jane has a broad range of skills and experience and is able to provide a full range of paediatric OT services. Her specialist skills lie particularly in helping children and families develop skills to support social and emotional well being. Families have found the strategies and guidance that she provides to be invaluable.

Reason for loving what you do: 

When we asked Jane why she enjoyed her role she said, "I love to see children blossom as their confidence grows".