Lilian Szklarz, Speech Pathologist

A summary of Lilian’s qualifications and experience:

Lilian has over 40 years experience working with children aged from 2 years to adolescents, in a range of Speech Pathology settings. She completed her degree in Speech and Hearing Science, with distinction at Curtin University in 1978, and recently celebrated 40 years as a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia. Lilian has extensive experience with a wide range of client groups experiencing speech, language, communication and learning difficulties. She has worked in public and private settings, including PCH, Fremantle Hospital, Joondalup Health Campus, Child Development Services, Language Development Centres, Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre and her own private practice. Lilian has also been involved in several research projects and worked as a clinical supervisor of Speech Pathology students from Curtin University.

Lilian’s special interests and passions:

Lilian is dedicated to working collaboratively with parents to enhance the communication abilities and confidence of their child and provide them with the tools and strategies to help their child succeed. She has extensive experience in assessing and providing therapy to children of all ages with a range of communication difficulties. Lilian is passionate about all aspects of Speech Pathology but has a special interest in speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, auditory processing, pre-school and school age language and links to literacy. Professional development is important to Lilian to ‘stay up to date’ with current research and information that will help her provide the best support for her clients and families.

Reason for loving what you do:

When we asked Lilian why she enjoyed her role she said: “Even after 40 years children still ‘amaze’ me. You never know what they’ll do or say, which makes every session unique and fun. I find it rewarding to watch children grasp new concepts, develop confidence and discover their potential. Every time I see the smile on a parent’s face and a child’s excitement when they achieve a goal I’m happy I could play a role in their progress.”