NDIS | Therapy Products

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Skillbuilders are Registered Providers for equipment and resources in all states of Australia. For children funded under the NDIS parents, carers and therapists can generate quotes directly from our website for particular items that they feel would benefit the child. There are two categories in your child's NDIS Plan which can include equipment items: 

CORE SUPPORTS/Consumables - Daily Adaptive Equipment


CAPITAL SUPPORTS/Assistive Technology - Flexible Equipment Package (For Changing Needs) 

Children with special needs are eligible for an annual budget for 'low risk, low cost' equipment (Level 1) as part of their NDIS funding plan. This needs to be included at the planning meeting stage. It is designed to allow parents to access the bits and pieces needed to help children meet their NDIS goals. All of the products listed on our website come under this category.


What is the process?

 Step 1 - Check your child's plan has Assistive Technology or Consumables listed in the budget
 Step 2 - Choose the management method that applies to your child's plan


Plan Managed and NDIA Managed 

Our new website is set up to make this much easier! Just follow the prompts in the checkout process.

When you submit your order a copy of the invoice will come to your email and to ours. We will then either -

* Plan Managed - We convert it to an invoice and send it to your Plan Manager (if you have entered your Plan Manager's email address)

* NDIA Managed - We submit on the NDIS portal for payment

Once payment has come through we can go ahead and send your items.


     plan-managed.jpeg             ndis-managed-1-.jpeg


Self Managed

You can purchase just as normal from our website and submit the invoice to NDIA to claim.

If you prefer to claim the funds first, you can:

* Generate a Purchase Order on our website by selecting this option when you get to Payment Methods
* Email to ask us to convert it to an invoice
* Submit this to NDIS and phone us once paid. You can pay us over the phone.
* We'll get your order ready to send in the meantime.