Medicare | Therapy Services

 Therapy services funding support available through Medicare includes:

  • Team Care Arrangements can be set up by your GP. The GP's role is to determine the appropriate programme for your child based on your concerns, to refer to relevant service providers and to monitor/coordinate care. This is officially termed a Chronic Disease Management Plan (previously called Enhanced Primary Care or EPC). Children are referred to therapists at Skillbuilders by their GP for up to 5 therapy sessions per calendar year. This can be for 5 sessions of one therapy, eg OT, or any combination of speech, physio and/or OT sessions to a total of five. To be eligible for this rebate children must require more than one service provider, however it is permitted for all 5 rebates to be allocated to one service provider in a particular year. Current rebates are $54.70 per session.
  • Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) - This Care Plan is approved by your Paediatrician for children up to the age of 15 years. Rebates are available for up to 20 sessions in total for either Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy. Rebates are $84.80 per session.