Smart Phone Karaoke - Microphone & Earbuds

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Price: $8.00




Smart Phone Karaoke - Microphone & Earbuds

Smart Phone Karaoke - Microphone & Earbuds

Buy Smart Phone Karaoke - Microphone & Earbuds online from Skillbuilders Australia


We see all sorts of applications for this cool new gadget! Kids can practice a favourite song (language, auditory memory, articulation!!) and record themselves doing some fun new dance moves (motor planning, rhythm, coordination) then upload their results to their parent approved social media! Now we can do all this with one handy gadget - the Smart Phone Karaoke Microphone & Earbuds! 

This nifty device plugs into your smart phone via the headphone jack, so it's compatible with both iPhone & Android devices. Pop the earbuds into your child's ears, open your karaoke app and let them choose a song to sing. The microphone will pick up his/her singing and the earbuds will play both the singing and the music back, so children can hear what they sound like. Awesome!

There are a range of free Karaoke apps that your Smart Phone Karaoke Microphone will work with; there's no specific app you need to use with your microphone. 

Choose from the Blue, Pink or Silver Smartphone Karaoke Microphone and get singing! Each comes beautifully boxed, making this a great gift for those who love to belt out a tune. 


  • Microphone with attached earbuds
  • Sing to music & record yourself! (sound & video)
  • Upload your performances to SnapChat/Instagram
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android phones
  • Works with a variety of Karaoke apps
  • Beautifully boxed ready to impress


  • Dimensions: Microphone is approx. 6 cms long (excluding cord).  Box is 18 x 2 x 8 cms
  • Material: Plastic/Metal
  • Batteries: Not required
  • Compatability: iPhone & Android compatible

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