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Teaching your young person to use an open cup is an important milestone in their feeding journey.  The Eztotz First Cup helps your child transition directly from a bottle to an open cup.  This tiny cup is perfect for little hands and features a wider base that makes it better for preventing spills.  The benefits of drinking from an open cup are many and include better oral health and supporting speech and oral development.

Perfect Cup for Learning to Drink From Open Cup – Our small 85gm size tumbler is perfect for little ones to learn how to drink from an open cup. It has an excellent design, slightly weighted on the bottom to help prevent spills and with ridges on the side help children maintain a comfortable grasp.

Open Cup – Promotes oral development compared to straw or sippy cups. Open cups are recommended by most dentists and speech pathologists vs sippy, straw, or spout cups

Dishwasher and Sterilizer Safe – Our cups are safe to use in your dishwasher/sterilizer and can be boiled for cleaning.  

Made in the USA – 100% Soft Food Grade Silicone – Flexible material that is easy to hold, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. 

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