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Resources for Self Regulation and Social Learning 

Social tools, toys and aids for kids, children and teens.


We have a broad range of resources to support children to develop self acceptance, confidence and social awareness. All children benefit from explicit teaching and modelling in this area. 

We have included some of our sensory resources in this area as self-regulation supports social skills. It's hard to read social cues or respond appropriately to social situations if you're feeling anxious, upset, angry or generally dysregulated. You can always go to the Sensory Processing categories for more resources in this area.

There are also some excellent tools here for helping children and parents deal with issues like bullying and teasing.

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  • Self Regulation for Kids and Teens
  • Social Skills Books and Games
  • Social Skills Games for Children with Autism
  • Toys That Develop Social Skills for Kids

Social Skills and Emotional Regulation

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