Shop in Store

We have a little shop at our Cockburn Central therapy centre.

The shop is open by appointment only. This is to ensure we can have a team member available to assist you and to ensure the team is able to manage online orders. You can click here to schedule an appointment  

Shop appointment


Please be aware that these appointments are for up to 20 minutes. If you're needing a large order we recommend you have items pre-selected in a shopping cart to speed up the process.You can also purchase online and choose the 'collect in-store' shipping option.


Occupational Therapy assistance needed?

If you would like an appointment with an OT to assist you to choose appropriate items for your child please give us a call so that this can be arranged.


Unit 1/24 Hammond Rd Cockburn Central


Our little shop........the stock and packing areas are out the back....

shop-in-store-2.jpg    shop-in-store-3.jpeg

This is our products team. Ashlea and Claire both know everything there is to know about our products. They have both been with us at Skillbuilders for over 7 years! We now have Jessica and Heather as well - some more photos needed!