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Handwriting Language and Literacy

Written and verbal communication tools, aids and toys for kids, children and teens.

Written and verbal communication includes so many important skills for life! We have subcategories here for:

* Language - resources for building on receptive and expressive language skills, comprehension, vocabulary, narrative skills, etc

* Literacy - literacy includes activities to help develop the building blocks for reading, spelling and writing, for example phonemic awareness, auditory memory, syllabification, and more.

* Handwriting - including pre-writing for beginners, through to speed and fluency for upper primary school students. We have resources and tools to assist with the motor component of writing as well as the perceptual and visual-motor integration aspects.

On this page:

  • Handwriting Language and Literacy activities
  • Handwriting difficulties
  • Communication Resources Autism

Written and Verbal Communication

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