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Pencil Grips

Therapy and sensory toys, tools and aids for babies, kids, children and teens.

We have a comprehensive range of pencil grips available at Skillbuilders - there is a solution to every pencil grip 'problem'. However, please have a read of our blog article about when pencil grip is a problem, and when it isn't. You might be surprised!

The most important thing to address with pencil grip is a 'collapsed thumb webspace'. If there's no 'round shape' of the webspace it means that all the wrong muscles are being used and this can be dysfunctional over time. We often see this particularly with thumb wrapping. There are a range of options to address similar problems, so often in comes down to personal preference as to what feels the most comfortable. If in doubt, you might like to try the Sampler Pack which includes some of our most popular options.

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