Children's Therapy Services

Therapy Services for Children and Teens in Perth

Our therapy services for children include:


                  Occupational Therapy                                          Physiotherapy                                       Speech Pathology

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We have two centres in the south metropolitan area of Perth, one at Canning Vale and one at Cockburn Central who provide children's therapy services.

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                       Cockburn Central                                  CanningVale

Both centres include a large sensory motor gym and several smaller rooms for individual and small group therapy programmes. We also provide therapy services at schools, day care centres, and at home - wherever is the most appropriate environment.

Skillbuilders has an 'on-site shop' at our Cockburn Central clinic. This provides access to the various products used in therapy and enables parents and teachers to follow through with activities to facilitate their child's development on an ongoing basis.  

 So what happens first? What is the process for therapy.........

Comprehensive Assessment:

We need to gather the appropriate information to gain a good understanding of your child's progress and needs. This involves discussion and questionnaires from significant people involved in the care of the child, as well as providing a thorough initial assessment for each child. The assessments used can include both standardised and observational tools. We can also use recent assessment information from other service providers as a starting point to guide therapy.

So the first step is to call us to discuss your goals for your child and we can arrange an assessment from there. 

Our therapy services focus on a range of areas in which children may experience difficulty, including:

  • Pen to paper: Drawing and writing, spelling & written expression
  • Fluent movement: Coordination, ball skills, balance
  • Getting in a muddle: Planning & organisational skills required in the classroom and at home
  • Speaking your mind: Verbal expression and speech
  • Understanding the lingo: Language comprehension
  • Tricky fingers: Fine motor skills
  • I can do it myself: Independence in self care
  • Fighting Fit: Good health and nutrition
  • Making sense of your senses: Sensory and perceptual skills for learning
  • Leaping before looking: Concentration skills
  • Babies and toddlers on the go: Early movement skills, tummy time, self feeding, routines and play

Therapy can be offered individually and/or in small group programmes:

Specialised one to one therapy programmes are provided in the most appropriate location and help target the key issues idenitifed by parents, teachers and the assessment process. Small group programmes are offered to focus on specific skill areas, eg social skills, fine and gross motor skills, etc and are run by a combination of therapists.

Support for parents and carers:

Practical support, information sharing and advice for parents and carers is an essential part of therapy and aims to help your child and family get the most out of the process.


With parent permission we initiate and maintain liaison with other relevant people involved in the child's care, eg teachers, child care providers, GP's, medical specialists, and other allied health professionals. 

Further information on what our therapy services offer can be found in the following downloadable flyers. This will help clarify which therapy service would be most beneficial for your child. 

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