Wholesale Accounts and Bulk Orders


Wholesale Accounts

Thank you for your interest in a Wholesale Account with us at Skillbuilders. We'd love to share our products with more children and teens around Australia!

Offering Wholesale Accounts is a new venture for us. We've often provided a discount for bulk orders (as below) but not formalised this arrangement before to create Wholesale Accounts for regular purchasers. However, we've had lots of requests so here goes!!

Who can apply?

We are happy to provide Wholesale Accounts to fellow Allied Health Professionals who buy in bulk and plan to on-sell to their clients. So please go ahead and apply if you're an OT, Physio or Speech Therapist. We're not able to offer wholesale arrangements to customers for personal use. 

What are the benefits?

Discounts will be applied at the checkout for orders over threshold amounts as follows:

- Over $500 = 10% discount

- Over $750 = 15% discount

- Over $1000 = 20% discount

What is the application process?

You can apply via the form below - once completed please send to Once approved we'll send you an email asking you to create an account. This email will include a code to use at the checkout so that your discount is applied to your order. And then it's happy shopping!

Wholesale Account Application 


Bulk Discounts

We also offer discounts for quantities of >20 of a single item. Just email us to ask ( and we'll let you know what we can offer. This is different to a Wholesale Account. Please note:

* This is not available for all items

* The amount of the discount varies depending on the item

* Where items come in varied quantities the discount is only applicable to the largest quantity (eg only to at least 20 packs of 10 pencil grips)