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Developing Self Care Skills and Independence

Self care and independence toys, tools and aids for kids, children and teens.

Items to support children to gain independence are included here. We have tools, activities and games to assist children to acquire skills in -

* Eating and drinking - managing cups and cutlery

                                - items to assist our fussy eaters

* Getting dressed - managing zips, buttons and shoe laces, etc

* Brushing teeth and hair - many of our children have issues with the sensory sensitivity and/or the motor skill aspect

* Things to help our children stay safe 

* Sleep - settling to sleep and staying asleep

* Being organised - eg timers and visual schedules

On this page:

  • Self Care equipment for Kids
  • Aids for Daily Living
  • Daily Living Products for Children and Teenagers
  • Self Care Skills for kids

Self Care and Independence

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