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Developing Attention and Concentration for Kids

Attention and concentration development toys, tools and aids for kids, children and teens.

So many of our children have difficulties with concentration and attention. We often use these terms interchangeably - however generally we use the word 'concentration' as an attribute, eg "Johnny has great concentration" and 'attention' is more to do with the act, eg "Johnny attended really well to that job". But it doesn't really matter! The thing is we often need a range of strategies to help kids keep actively engaged in learning. This particularly applies to children with sensory processing difficulties - especially our sensory seekers and our sensory avoiders who often benefit from tactile, oral or movement sensory input to stay calm, focussed, and on task. 

We've included some particularly useful resources in this category, but you'll also find good resources under 'Sensory' where items are listed under auditory/visual/tactile, etc , and also have a look in The Alert Programme section.

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  • Activities to develop concentration
  • Concentration Occupational Therapy Toys
  • Focus and Concentration Games for Kids
  • Concentration for kids with ADHD