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Activities for Grip Strength

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Grip strength is fundamental to many activities children love to do, from playing on the monkey bars, to colouring-in, to creating with playdough, as well as being fundamental to many of the activities children need to do, including drawing and writing, managing buttons and cutlery, and doing their teeth! Sometimes children struggle with this and it may be due to generally low muscle tone and/or lax ligaments around the joints which causes instability. 

Regardless of the cause, the activities below all provide children with an opportunity to practice and strengthen their hands. They won't even realise they're exercising while they're busy having fun! A golden rule is to make sure their finger and thumb joints are always maintaining some flexion (ie bending, even if just a little bit). If their joints collapse backwards (or over extend) then the activity needs to be modified in some way to make it easier.

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Grip Strength

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