Alpine Muffy Kids Ear Muffs

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Price: $54.95




Alpine Muffy Kids Ear Muffs

Alpine Muffy Kids Ear Muffs

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Alpine Muffy Kids are designed and manufactured in Europe to protect the ears of our children and teens from the ages of 5 to 16 years old. Earmuffs are recommend to protect children's hearing in noisy environments (eg concerts, speedway) or where children with noise sensitivities may feel overwhelmed (eg parties, shopping centres, noisy classrooms, loud music etc). 

The Alpine Muffy Kids earmuffs are available in a nice range of trendy colours, with the outer layer of the coloured earmuff made of plastic, making them easy to clean. The component on the ear itself is soft and comfortable. The earmuffs are collapsible, so you can easily take them with you. 

The headband is adjustable in size and has a soft lining, giving kids a more comfortable experience. Because the headband is adjustable, they are able to grow with them for years to come.

Ratings for Muffy for Kids : 500Hz 24.0 1000Hz 34.8

At these levels harmful noises are reduced significantly while the child does not feel isolated.  The wearer can still hear a parent or teacher speaking to them.

Helps with focusing issues

Loud noises, such as outside sounds or ambient noise in a classroom, can overload some children with noise sensitivities. If your child finds it difficult to focus in a noisy environment, the Muffy's may help your child to be able to learn or read in a focused manner, without being bothered by ambient noise.

With Protect & Go carry-case

Muffy's come with a free carry-case, to ensure you can easily take the collapsible earmuffs with you, protect them and keep them clean. This way, the Muffy Kids earmuffs last extra-long. 

Muffy Kids – Earmuff for children – SNR 25 dB

  • Recommended for children aged 5 to 16 years old
  • Small size earmuffs specially designed for children
  • Attenuates sound up to 25 dB (SNR)
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Adjustable headband with soft padding
  • Made of skin-friendly material
  • Easy to clean outer layer
  • Available in new, trendy colours
  • Independently tested to meet US, European and Australian standards
  • With free Protect & Go carry-case