Angled or Slope Boards

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$75.00 - $95.00




Angled or Slope Boards

Angled or Slope Boards

Buy Angled or Slope Boards online from Skillbuilders Australia


Angled Boards (or slope boards) help children to maintain an upright sitting posture and a more extended wrist position while writing. An angled writing surface is highly recommended by Occupational Therapists and Optometrists. Skillbuilders Angled Boards are made of strong, clear perspex with a metal clip. They are designed at a 20 degree recommended angle. Small rubber stoppers at the base prevent movement. They are designed to be lightweight and portable, without compromising strength and stability.

The regular size is 33cm wide x 40cm deep (the width is the base edge closest to the child).

The large size is 50cm wide x 40cm deep.

Extra features:

* Tracing slopeboards have an extra layer of perspex. You can slide worksheets, tracing mazes, etc between the two layers so children can practice the activity with a whiteboard marker before doing it 'for real' on the paper!

* The Collapsible Angled Board provides another option which can be folded flat for easier storage.

* 'STORAGE ANGLED BOARDS'. These boards double as a desk and drawer, with the writing surface being the lid. They are 40cm wide - a width to provide a practical storage space, but not too wide to be too heavy. We have made them in a glass-like black so that children aren't visually distracted by the contents inside. Storage Boards are only available for local pick-up.

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