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Angled or Slope Boards

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$75.00 - $95.00






Angled Boards (or slope boards) help children to maintain an upright sitting posture and a more extended wrist position while writing. An angled writing surface is highly recommended by Occupational Therapists and Optometrists. Skillbuilders Angled Boards are made of strong, clear perspex with a metal clip. They are designed at a 20 degree recommended angle. Small rubber stoppers at the base prevent movement. They are designed to be lightweight and portable, without compromising strength and stability.

The regular size is 33cm wide x 40cm deep (the width is the base edge closest to the child).

The large size is 50cm wide x 40cm deep.

Extra features:

* Tracing slopeboards have an extra layer of perspex. You can slide worksheets, tracing mazes, etc between the two layers so children can practice the activity with a whiteboard marker before doing it 'for real' on the paper!

* The Collapsible Angled Board provides another option which can be folded flat for easier storage.

* 'STORAGE ANGLED BOARDS'. These boards double as a desk and drawer, with the writing surface being the lid. They are 40cm wide - a width to provide a practical storage space, but not too wide to be too heavy. We have made them in a glass-like black so that children aren't visually distracted by the contents inside. Storage Boards are only available for local pick-up.

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