Ark's Grabber Original Oral Motor Chew

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Price: $14.50




Ark's Grabber Original Oral Motor Chew

Ark's Grabber Original Oral Motor Chew

Buy Ark's Grabber Original Oral Motor Chew online from Skillbuilders Australia


The Ark Grabbers enable children to give themselves oral sensory information for self regulation. Ark Grabbers can all provide deep pressure input which can be calming and help children regulate their behavioural responses. They are also used to improve chewing skills and general oral-motor skills and strength.

The range of Ark Grabbers includes the smooth original versions featured here, along with textured grabbers for additional tactile input, scented grabbers for additional olfactory input (which stimulates taste), and the Y Chews which provide an alternative shape and texture choices. There are also different 'strengths' which provide greater resistance for more avid chewers (XT and XXT). So, we have:

  • Ark Grabber (dark pink, red), Ark Grabber XT (lime green), Ark Grabber XXT (blue, dark green)
  • Ark Textured Grabber (dark pink), Ark Textured Grabber XT (green), Ark Textured Grabber XXT (blue)
  • Ark Baby Grabber (light blue)
  • Ark Y-Chew (blue), Ark Y-Chew XT (turquoise), Ark Y-Chew XXT (blue)
  • Ark Z-Grabber - where the grabber is part of the Z-Vibe tool.
If you click on the links above you will go to further information for these specific Ark Grabbers.