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We love the new Bean About Beanbag Seats! The Bean AboutTMis a smarter evolution of the good old beanbag.This is a great seating option for children with low muscle tone. Its as comfortable and supportive as a full size beanbag, but with its clever, original design, its as portable as a backpack! The Bean About provides enough wrap around comfort to keep it cozy and provide nice deep pressure for kids who respond well to this calming, focussing sensory input. Its unique design allows for a minimum amount of beans. In-fact, these beanbags use less than half the beansof an average sized beanbag. This makes it compact enough to be folded, and light enough for kids to carry. Then there are straps to the back of the bag for portability, 2 pockets on the outside to secure valuables, and 3 more pockets on the inside for a drink, some snacks, and anything else kids might need. Very practical! Use them for mat time at school, or for homework time with a little stable table at home, or for the beach or the park!! Available in a cool Tiger, Wallaby or Mulga design!
Watch this video to see how easy they are for kids to use:
Some more information:
The Beans: Each child-size Bean About should hold approximately 32 litres of polystyrene beans and the adult ones have 57 litres. You can use standard beans available at department stores, or you can substitute quieter foam pieces if needed.Filling Your Bag: When filling, slow down just over the halfway point then Test the foldability. If it's easily folded, then fill a little more. It's perfect just before the point where you can no longer fold and fasten.Looking after your beanbag:The Bean About is a spot wash outdoor product, so if you get the occasional mud or grass stain on it, just get some hot soapy water and sponge the area down to remove the stain before hanging it outside to dry on a sunny day.
Sizing: Bean About Kids are generally recommended for kids 4-10yrs. The dimensions are 53cm tall and 73cm long when opened up as a seat.

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