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BEST Playground Toolbox 4 Beating Bullying & Teasing

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For Kids - The playground can be a place of fun andfriendship and also a place where childrencan experience the nastiness of bullying and teasing. This Notebook shows children how to identify whats happening to them and positively and assertivelystick up for themselves. Its a life skill and the Kids Notebook helps children to scale their playground experiences and then to deal with those experiences accordingly with amazing tips, tricks, and simple solutions. Bullying and teasing is a very real and often unavoidable part of the Primary School years so this little book is fun of easy to read and practical TOOLS for managing the tough stuff well with amazing tips, tricks, and simple solutions.


For Parents - Parents can feel very disempowered with dealing with teasing and bullying that their child might be experiencing. What are the choices, how do you teach a child to positively and assertively stand up for themselves?The Parents Notebook helps parents to understand the differences between bullying and teasing and then introduces a range of tried, tested and proven TOOLS for helping their child to manage it early, positively, assertively and proactively.

These booklets support each other so we have them available individually, and also as a combo.


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