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Chewigem Tread Bangle

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Chewigem Tread Bangle

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The Chewigem Tread Bangle is a silicon chewing aid suitable for moderate to robust chewers. The textured surface provides additional input for those who need extra sensory stimulation. And they look good too!

  • Great for redirecting nail-biting.  
  • This product has saved thousands of sleeves from destruction!
  • Perfect for those who cannot tolerate wearing something around their neck.   
  • Stylish and wearable.
  • Textured and nubbly.
  • Durable and Firm.
  • Doubles as a fidget aid.
  • Chewable.
  • Discreet – ideal for school.
  • Available in a range of colours - see options below

It’s great for anyone who needs to stim and chew and is a fantastic product if you’re a nail-biter wanting to redirect the habit.  Its nubbly and contoured texture makes it a winner.

Safety Information: 

Once damaged, Chewigem should be discarded and replaced. All products through chewing will eventually show signs of wear and tear. How long that depends on a variety of factors and it can take time to find the right product for each child. Check regularly for damage.

  • All products have been widely tested and you can be confident they are lead, latex, PVC, and phthalate-free.

How to care for the Chewigem without the cord: 

You can wash these using any of the below options.

  • Hot Soapy Water.
  • Top Rack of Dishwasher.
  • Steam Steriliser.
  • Microwave Steriliser.
  • Sterilising Solution.


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