Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Cushion (Green)

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Price: $37.50




Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Cushion (Green)

Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Cushion (Green)

Buy Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Cushion (Green) online from Skillbuilders Australia


Children can sit, stand and lie on their tummies on this Wriggle Cushion. It can be used to help meet many goals:

* It can be used to promote concentration and sitting posture during mat time and/or at the desk.

* Children can lie on their tummies and develop postural control and muscle tone through body extension activities.

* By doing activities, eg ball skills, in high-kneeling or standing, children can develop balance and postural control.

Ticks a lot of boxes! The Wriggle Cushion is 38cm in diameter, comes in green, and has a different tactile finish on each surface.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes – our body is connected to our mind as we know. So for young and for old that like to wriggle and wobble, give them a cushion that will keep them out of trouble. This inflatable tactile wobble cushion is a great tool for children who find it difficult to sit still.

When only slightly inflated the cushions create a slight instability in the sitting position and create an active or dynamic sitting surface on any standard chair – allowing children to wiggle and fidget without the need for bulky or expensive equipment.

Comes with a hand pump.