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Skillbuilders Handwriting Kit

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Skillbuilders Handwriting Kit

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Skillbuilders Handwriting Kit is designed for students who are in the early stage of learning to write. The kit is designed by Occupational Therapists and includes some of the items used to help children develop good pencil control, establish correct movement patterns for letter formations, maintain good wrist positioning and establish a functional pencil grasp, and establish correct positioning and spatial organisation in their writing. It includes:
  • information on pencil grasps in children
  • wikki stix and instruction book
  • lower case letter stencils (in your school font)
  • a range of different lead pencils
  • a trial pack of 5 different pencil grips
  • a handiwriter
  • a finger spacer to help establish and reinforce spacing between words
  • 2 x coloured lined paper pads to assist with letter sizing and positioning
The Handwriting Kit comes in a handy kit bag. We need to ensure the most appropriate items are included for your situation, so when you order the kit please let us know via email to
- the age of the child or children who will be using the kit
- your choice of handwriting font

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