SmartMax Start XL Building Set

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SmartMax is a multi-award-winning Magnetic Construction System featuring strong, oversized, colourful pieces that little hands can easily click together. The SmartMax Basic XL 42piece Set has been designed to help pre-schoolers learn how to build. Connect the bars to the metal balls and see how high you can build. SmartMax magnets can carry up to 60x their own weight...making extraordinary structures possible!

Packaged up in a sturdy storage box, this strong activity set will encourage learning and imaginative construction for years.

All SmartMax pieces are compatible with each other, which is great because you can expand your collection, mixing different sets together for an even bigger play experience. 

How are SmartMax sets designed? Magnets have a magnetic north and south pole. The cold colours (green, blue, purple and white) have their north poles directed outwards. The warm colours (red, orange, yellow and pink) have their south poles directed outwards. Unlike poles attract, like poles repel. All bars with a cold colour can be connected to all bars with a warm colour. All other combinations repel.

Strengthen hand-eye coordination and bilateral skills along with spatial perception and problem solving skills.

Suitable for Ages: 1 to 5 Years
Contents: 12 long bars, 18 small bars, 12 balls and a book of ideas



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