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The Everyday Autism Series

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This delightful series of little books are written for children to enjoy and learn from, but they also have insights that adults will appreciate as well. They were originally written by Monique Cain, to express what was going on for her daughter Madi who has Autism. The books were to help Madi's teachers, classmates, and others understand and respond to her. The books look at life through the eyes of Madi and explore how she responds to the world and the challenges she faces dealing with the twin issues of heightened sensory responses and difficulties in communicating her experiences to those around her.
There is a series of 4 books including:
* Madi
* Madi at Kinder
* Madi Starts School
* Madi Goes Shopping
There are also two more books written by Monique:
I Am Thomas:

Thomas loves to dress up and act out stories. He delights in exploring different textures and loses himself in his own world. He looks like any other boy his age, but struggles to find the words he needs to explain how he is feeling. See the world through Thomas eyes and understand how his autism sometimes means that his response to everyday challenges is hard for others to understand and accept.

Never Give Up:
Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent is the deeply personal story of Moniques introduction to autism through her daughters diagnosis at the age of 3 and the lessons she has learned as the parent of not one, but two, autistic children. It is the story of high hopes, shattered dreams, and the constant struggle to learn how to love and nurture their precious children and stay sane and hopeful in the face of daily challenges that every parent of an autistic child faces.

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