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Time Timers

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Time Timers

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The Time Timer enables children to see how much time is left without having to know how to tell the time. The Timers have clear, distinctive colours, large dial numbers, and an ultra-quiet quartz movement. These features make the Time Timers perfect for students with difficulties maintaining concentration on tasks, and persisting with tasks. This can be applicable for children with sensory processing issues, ADD, ADHD, autism, etc. They can be used at home, within therapy sessions, and at school, and for both individuals and groups of children. With the Time Timer, the clear visual feedback helps children better understand the passage of time and can monitor their own activities. This improves their confidence and gives them organised time periods which can reduce anxiety. Children know how much longer they need to persist with a task!
Time Timers can also be used in the following situations:
  • Timing activity sessions and specific exercises
  • Self-monitoring
  • Overseeing speech, hearing and vision therapies
  • Memory prompting for medications, appointments, etc.

You can use the visual cue only, or you can add sound with the clear "beep-beep" sound to signal the end of a time segment. Operates on one "AA" battery (not included). The time disc may be moved manually in either direction and can be set at any point on the face.

Time Timer 8cm:The small size and durable lightweight construction make it simple to carry for easy accessibility. During use, a clear cover protects the time face or flips open to serve as a stand.

Time Timer 20cm and 30cm:These timers are designed to be freestanding or wall mounted for classroom and group activities. The large size and bold numerals make these timers easier to read for visually impaired users.

These Time Timers are a valuable resource for every classroom to assist with anxiety levels, help with transitioning and for students to develop awareness about the passage of time.

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