Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set

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Price: $29.95




Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set

Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set

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The Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set uses fun, multi-sensory wikki stix to help children develop phonic awareness and to practice letter formations. 

Wikki Stix are pieces of synthetic string covered with a waxy, slightly tacky substance. They can be bent, shaped and stuck together with a little bit of pressure. They are unbreakable but can easily be cut with scissors. Wikki Stix stick to smooth surfaces such as plastic, glass, whiteboards or food containers. Once stuck they can be easily lifted, re-positioned and stuck again. They are great for arts & crafts, quiet play, play dates, travel. 

Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set encourages children to learn the alphabet in a fun and creative way. The set includes 36 Wikki Stix and a set of bright, attractive cards with the letters of the alphabet. Kids use Wikki Stix to trace and learn each letter in standard and capital form, Foundation font. Each card also includes a word starting with the associated letter eg. A for Ant. 


Wikki Stix Alphabet Card Set is recommended: 

  • To assist in learning the alphabet 
  • To support visual motor skills 
  • To develop fine motor skills 
  • To foster creativity 
  • For children 3+ years