Z Vibe Weighted Spoon

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Price: $99.50




Z Vibe Weighted Spoon

Z Vibe Weighted Spoon

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ARK's Weighted Z Vibe Spoon is an innovative tool recommended for children with sensory integration difficulties and/or poor fine motor control. The extra weight provided by the weighted tip, the gentle vibration and the textured handle all combine to give extra sensory feedback to help with movement control during self-feeding. This proprioceptive feedback helps increase focus, movement, and stability for independent eating.  The smooth, gentle vibration can also be very helpful for individuals with oral sensitivities and food/texture aversions.

The Weighted Spoon comes with 1x Z Vibe tool, 1x Weighted Tip (30g), and 1x Soft Tip Spoon totalling approximately 17cm in length and providing additional sensory stimulation to both the hand and the mouth.

Please note: The handpiece is compatible with all of the Z Vibe tips, and the spare parts for the Z-Vibe.

Made in the USA, medical grade, no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.  

Caution: this is NOT a toy.  It is a therapeutic tool to be used by a professional therapist or by a parent under the guidance of their therapist.  Contains small parts (including a battery) that may pose a choking hazard. Must be used under direct adult supervision at all times.