Fat Brain Toys - Pencil Nose Game

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Price: $32.95




Fat Brain Toys - Pencil Nose Game

Fat Brain Toys - Pencil Nose Game

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Have you got a nose for drawing?!

This is a fun game to use with small groups to encourage cooperative play, social skills, communication and quick thinking, as well as some coordination!

Recommended for 8yrs+

In this hilarious game players have to use their sniffers to try and sketch the word on the card and then hope their teammates can correctly guess what they're drawing.
Take turns to draw a card and slide it into the slot on top of the drawing board so only you can see it. Then, with the special glasses and the "Pencil Nose" equipped, try to draw the object onto the clear screen of the board - USING ONLY YOUR NOSE!
Can you draw a trout with your snout? How about a rose with your nose?
After each correct guess by your teammates, pick another card and keep drawing as fast as you can - Your goal is to get as many correct guesses as possible before the time runs out.

Whichever team gets the most guesses in one round gets one point. The first team to win 7 points wins the game!

Give your family a whiff of game-night excitement that's not to be sneezed at with the wonderfully silly Pencil Nose game.


  • Includes 2× pairs of pencil nose glasses (green, orange), 90 object cards with 6 objects each, 1× erasable drawing board, 1× erasable marker, 1× sand timer, 1× eraser