Green Zone Conversation Book

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Green Zone Conversation Book

Green Zone Conversation Book

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Green Zone Conversation Book - Finding Common Ground in Conversation for Children on the Autism Spectrum

In conversation, children with autism often struggle to select topics of interest to others. Many have strong, narrow interests and feel compelled to introduce these subjects when they talk.

This book provides a simple visual model to help children experience more success in finding common ground in conversation. The "Green Zone" is a visual representation of finding common ground between one person (blue) and another person (yellow) to create a "green zone" that represents the pair's shared interests. The book, illustrated with dozens of photographs representing the range of other people's interests, clearly explains what the "Green Zone" is and how to find it, and contains many photocopiable conversation practice activities and reinforcement worksheets based on this simple visual.

Ideal for use in classroom settings or at home, this attractive, full colour book is suitable for children aged 7 and up.



Part 1: What is the Green Zone? 

Part 2: The Green Zone Changes with Each New Person.
Part 3: The Three Zones of Talking.
Part 4: Typical and Unusual Interests.
Part 5: Questions, Comments and Compliments.
Part 6: Getting Better at Talking in the Right Zones.
Part 7: For Adults: Helping Children to Use the Green Zone Conversation Book.
Part 8: The Green Zone Worksheets.

Worksheets include - The All About Them Sheet. The Green Zone Colouring Sheet. The Green Zone Two-Person Worksheet. Your Favourite Things. Other People's Thoughts When You Are Talking About Your Favourite Things. The No Zone Finder Sheets. The Green Zone Finder Sheets. The Bright Green Zone Finder Sheets. Find the Interests Most People Would Like. Good Questions Put You in the Green Zone and the Bright Green Zone. Practising Good Questions. Compliments Put You in the Green Zone and the Bright Green Zone. Practising Compliments. Complimenting People You Know. Compliments About What You Know About the Person. Friendly Comments Put You in the Green Zone and the Bright Green Zone. Practising Friendly Comments. Make Up a Story About a Girl Your Age. Make Up a Story About a Boy Your Age.

By Joel Shaul
Pub Date: 10/2014
ISBN: 9781849057592
Format: Hardback 104 pages