My Zones of Feelings Flash Cards

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My Zones of Feelings Flash Cards

My Zones of Feelings Flash Cards

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Our My Zones of Feelings flash cards are an exccellent resource based on ‘The Zones of Regulation’ framework developed by Leah Kuypers. The cards are divided into four distinct coloured zones - blue, green, yellow, and red - to assist children in identifying and categorising their feelings based on the corresponding zone.

Teaching children about the four zones and the feelings associated with each is the initial step in guiding meaningful conversations about emotions. Engage in discussions and practice together, exploring the zones in various contexts and environments. Encourage children to identify which zone they are in at different times. To promote self-regulation skills, talk to them about strategies that can help them feel better when experiencing different emotions within each zone. The reflection questions on the back of each card serve as valuable prompts, guiding these discussions.

Regularly using these flash cards helps children understand their feelings across various situations and empowers them to develop strategies to manage their emotional responses. By utilising My Zones of Feelings flash cards, children embark on a journey of emotional exploration and growth, equipping them with valuable tools for lifelong emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Enhancing Children’s Emotional Awareness and Regulation

Discovering and understanding emotions is a crucial aspect of a child's emotional journey, and our My Zones of Feelings flash cards play a pivotal role in guiding them through this exploration. These cards provide a safe and engaging platform for children to delve into their emotions, gaining valuable insights and developing emotional intelligence while learning effective strategies for self-regulation.

Validated by the Zone of Regulation framework and supported by extensive research, our feelings flash cards have proven highly effective in promoting emotional awareness and regulation in children. Through playful interactions with the cards, children can recognise, understand, and effectively manage their emotions, building essential life skills that create a foundation for healthier emotional expression and connections with others.

Promoting Emotional Intelligence

At the core of our feelings cards' impact is the promotion of emotional intelligence in children. By using these cards, children learn to identify and understand a wide range of emotions, therefore expanding their emotional vocabulary and self-awareness. The ability to recognise and express their feelings effectively not only fosters empathy and social connections but also equips children with lifelong skills for emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

With the aid of My Zones of Feelings flash cards, children embark on a journey of emotional exploration, self-discovery, and growth, laying the groundwork for a more emotionally resilient and empathetic future.


· 37 cards in each pack, including one instruction card

· A6 size - 105mm x 148mm

· Professionally printed on 350gsm card stock, with matte laminate, and rounded corners

· Each set comes in a premium calico drawstring bag for safekeeping

· Proudly designed and made in Australia