Emily Trewavas, Occupational Therapist

A summary of Emily's qualifications and experience:

Emily completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2003 at La Trobe University in Victoria. She started her career at Glenallen School, a specialist school for children with physical disabilities and/or health impairments, and has been working in paediatrics ever since. Over the years Emily has worked across a variety of sectors in three Australian states, including schools, community health and early intervention settings, before moving into private practice at Skillbuilders in 2013.  Emily had a brief break from practice when she and her family moved to Singapore in 2018, but she is thrilled to be back at Skillbuilders in a job she loves. 

Emily's special interests and passions:

Emily enjoys providing a range of paediatric services.  She is particularly passionate about the early years, and has developed skill in providing therapy to children from pre-kindy to mid primary school.  Her special interests include (but are not limited to) handwriting, sensory processing, motor development and self care.

Reason for loving what you do: 

When we asked Emily why she enjoyed her role she said, “Therapy is all about connection.  That moment when you make a connection with the child you’re working with is like magic.  Joining a family in celebrating their child when they realise they can do something they previously thought they couldn’t  is such a joy and a privilege and I’m very lucky to be able to come to work to do that. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with arts and crafts and playdoh?!”